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Own Your Eating

Nov 29, 2016

I met Marcus nearly two years ago when I moved to Florida.  Immediately I knew he was a great dude, he's just that kind of guy.  He's passionate, always a smile on his face, willing to help anyone at any time, and so funny.

Marcus has an incredible story.  From being a "paleo" CrossFit athlete that found himself in the hospital to becoming plant based and fitter and stronger than ever.

In this episode he gives us some great tips and tricks about giving pant based living a try, and just like me, he encourages you to do it at your own pace and most importantly, listen to your body.  He even got this meat loving dude to give it a shot!

Contact info 

Facebook/ IG/ Twitter : @TheWattsGuy


Plant Based resources 

1.Plant Built : @plantbuild - IG,

2.Torre Washington - @torre.washington

3.David Carter, NFL defensive lineman - “The 300 pound Vegan”, @the300poundvegan

4.Bryan Simeone - 2 Time American open Qualifier , @bryanwitha.y


6.Documentary that sparked a deeper interest in plant based diet- “Forks Over Knives”


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