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Own Your Eating

Jul 31, 2015

Jason Fernandez is on this special episode of Squat Therapy to promoted 31 Heroes.  Tune in to learn about this amazing fundraiser and how you can help be a part of it.

Visit to learn more.

Jul 28, 2015

Roles are reversed and host Jason Ackerman is interviewed by the I am Better Being podcast on all things Flexible Nutrition.

If you wanted to learn about Flexible Dieting and Macros, this is the podcast for you!

Jul 21, 2015

Two time CrossFit Games athelete and Gymnastics Seminar Staff lead Pam Gagnon joins Jason Ackemran in the Squat Therapy studio to discuss her return trip to Carson, California!

Jul 14, 2015

Co-Founder of Fitvine Wine, my favorite wine on the planet drops in to talk about why all people that care about their health and fitness should be choosing fitvine wine.  It's the first and only low calorie and low carb wine that still tastes great!

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