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Own Your Eating

Aug 24, 2015

Squat Therapy gets upgraded. 

We have added new cohosts Syn Martinez and Leah West.  Syn is the founder of Afro Brutality, long time CrossFit coach, and he is tatted the f*ck up.  Leah represents Puerto Rico as the best female CrossFit athlete on the island, a strong believer in girl power, and also happens to be tatted up.  Jason continues with his shirtless ways and is psyched and proud to have these two amazing additions.

In this first episode of Brutal Therapy, they dive into the current state of CrossFit from the growth of affiliates how the Sports affects the oveall mindset.  We dive into social media rules and goals, Syn dishes some advice on the female anatomy, and we ponder where we would be without CrossFit in our lives.

This is our first episode and we look forward to growing, improing, and including our listeners in the mix!