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Own Your Eating

May 19, 2016

Daniel "Dano" Lotz and I met in Minnesota at his CrossFit L1 Certificate Course.  We instantly hit it off and became great friends.  He has since followed my lead and moved to the great state of Florida.  In this interview, his second time appearing on Squat Therapy, learn all about his desire to move, his joy in coaching at CrossFit Fireball, and what's in store for him.  Dano is one great dude and I am proud and humbled to have him as a part of my life!


Host Jason Ackerman, Level 4 CrossFit Coach, memberoftheCrossFit Staff and former box owner discusses allthingsCrossFit,health, and life. In addition, Jason providesincredibleinterviewswith some of the best CrossFit athletes andpersonalitiesaroundthe world.

Every week, Jason interviews individuals that havevastlyimpactedtheir own or others health and fitness journeys. Hesitsdown for anin-depth "fireside chat" with everyone from highlevelCrossFitathletes to weight-loss success stories to gymownersbattling theday-to-day.

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