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Own Your Eating

Apr 12, 2016

If you don't know who Jeff Tucker is, do your homework.  An OG in the CrossFit world and the subject matter expert for CrossFit Gymnastics.  But, if you though Jeff Tucker was a one trick pony, you'd be dead wrong.  In this episode you'll hear him talk about CrossFit and Gymnastics but also so much more.  Truly an episode of Squat Therapy you won't want to miss!


Host Jason Ackerman, Level 4 CrossFit Coach, member of the CrossFit Staff and former box owner discusses all things CrossFit, health, and life. In addition, Jason provides incredible interviews with some of the best CrossFit athletes and personalities around the world.

Every week, Jason interviews individuals that have vastly impacted their own or others health and fitness journeys. He sits down for an in-depth "fireside chat" with everyone from high level CrossFit athletes to weight-loss success stories to gym owners battling the day-to-day.

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